When you are running a major warehouse location or factory, you will find that moving heavy items between floors can be a major issue. It is one thing if you are moving the item across a floor. You are not going to need too much equipment to get this job done. But when you are trying to get it up or down from one floor to another, you will find that it is a much harder job. And this is the time when you can use vertical conveyors and other similar machines. It will help you immensely when you are able to use such machines.

The reason why the conveyor machines are so great is because you can lift as much as 500 pounds through levels within the warehouse. That is a huge amount of weight. It would take care of almost every heavy use case that you will have. And it is so easy to do when you are using a conveyor. Another advantage is that when you are using these machines, you can get the work done very quickly. The conveyor machine is known to travel very quickly – up to 150 feet per minute.

vertical conveyors

A job that would normally take half the day is now done within 20 or 30 minutes. And your crew can move on to the next job. Even if they need to move a whole floor’s worth of heavy items to another floor, it will not be an issue for them. It will get done. And the machine they get to use will play a crucial role in this process. Simply get the items onto the conveyor, use the safety features that are on board to secure the items, and everything is ready. It is that simple. And that is the reason why so many companies want to buy these machines!